Done trying

Photo by Julia Volk on I often ask myself why is it so hard to love myself? All the self-love talk does not sit right with me. Have I ever loved myself? I don't think so. In fact, a part of me always believed I am not likeable too sensitive for the world too … Continue reading Done trying

A fleeting moment

I once tried making sense of life, I once tried catching a fleeting moment. If you find it hard to hold your laughter in a tricky situation, to shed tears around moist eyes it would be great if you found something that could move you. If you walk among the hopeless crowd I hope you … Continue reading A fleeting moment


Instinct...instinct...instinct... have I uttered it enough to forget its meaning yet? No I could never beat my instinct to cry the same tears at your disappearance. The grace with which I handle my misery adds insult to injury. There is nothing more powerful than your presence to make me forget my instinct to fall for … Continue reading Instinct