How easily we think
our opinions are truly ‘ours’
as if we were born with them,
as if they run in our blood stream,
how easily we mistake them to be
our invisible siblings or our progenies
as if we were to stay loyal to them
for our entire lives,
how easily we tend to protect them
as if we were supposed to,
how easily we fight wars
of destructive potency over opinions.
Opinion, the fleeting mirage of a vision
the eternal race of ideas
the borrowed false sense of originality
develops in the womb of the unknown
hibernates in the abyss of ignorance
transcends the curfew, no origin
comes to life again
before anybody claims its lineage,
passes out into thin air
like a guttering candle flame.

6 thoughts on “Opinion

  1. Yes, and how they change… In truth, I feel foolish now when I think of some if the opinions I’ve had — and vigorously defended. I’d like to think I’ve grown wiser, but I’ll surely outgrow that opinion as well. A sage poem.

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