Weird connection

I have this habit of capturing the sky whenever it shows wonderful hues. I have seen amber yellow, I have seen cotton candy pink, I have seen milk white, I have seen smoke gray and of course the gorgeous azure. The sky still continues to fascinate me. For some reason, it has this odd healing effect on me.

It was yesterday. I was viewing my phone gallery. I found a beautiful picture that I had captured on 3rd July and had forgotten about it. It was a fairy tale sky covered in pastel pink and blue. I instantly shared it on my Instagram story.

The sky I captured on 3rd July.

An hour later, I received a message from an old friend. Though I have known her for about ten years, we don’t talk a lot. We just occasionally message each other on birthdays and special days. She had messaged me yesterday out of the blue. When I opened our chat box, I saw she had shared a similar photo of sky with me! No, she is not on Instagram. She had written I just felt like sharing this with you.

The pic she shared with me.

Whats app ruins the quality of pics plus she is not much of a photographer. So, sorry if you were disappointed. Her pic also had pink and blue hues but here it seems all purple. But I found it all weird but not in a weird way! It was almost like we were connected in some weird way. We were both thinking of beautiful skies around the same time. I find this odd yet amazing.

If you have a friend whom you haven’t talked to in a while, just share something amazing with them. It could be a puppy pic or showcase of your baking skills. It could be simply anything. You would be surprised to know the weird connections we all have with each other! There is no other way of knowing (it’s okay if you are not interested in knowing).

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