The wretched house

Up above the hills
lived no one
except Rebecca
she had a house
she never called it home
her eyes were swollen
whenever she came
to play with me
she introduced me
to mister brown
her best friend 
her favorite bear
the only one in the house
who listened to her
when I held her hands
they were trembling
her smile was sunshine
golden yet fading 
towards the dusk.

"Mom, I made a new friend"
"Where does she live?"
"Up above the hills"
"Don't meet her again"
but I kept meeting her
for the love of fairies
and witches in her tales
"They are always fighting.
They hate my existence."
I wondered what she meant
it sounded gloomy
"You are the best part
of my day" she would say.

When the rumors spread
I could not see her
I was told to keep
a distance from Rebecca
"Don't you know?
Her father is a monster.
You might become their dinner
if you follow her home"
so I stopped meeting Rebecca
she stopped coming to school
I never saw her again.

It's been eighteen years
I haven't seen Rebecca
I miss her
when the sun rays
hit the leaves of the oak tree
we planted together
I know now
there are no monsters
no fairies, no witches
but I believed
everything I was told
I wish I could see
the despair in her eyes
every evening when
she headed back to 
the wretched house.

Up above the hills
I am waiting for you
Rebecca, I hope
you are doing fine.

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