Memento mori

Remember there shall be
a day your heart
stops pumping blood
your veins feel cold
your breaths
fade into nothingness,
a day your eyes
stop flickering
and you lay still.

Remember it is
the ultimate truth
you cannot escape,
whatever seasons
life may change
one day, it will all end
there will be no winter
no spring, no summer
no autumn for you,
the golden leaves
fall from the trees
and bid farewell to you
some people might
even cry at your grave
rest will have no clue
the world goes on
and you shall be gone.

Remember this
when you wake up
everyday is a gift
don't let yourself die
before your death.

5 thoughts on “Memento mori

  1. Love the conclusion here. You really set this up well! I think, we have to always remember that death is just another part of life, and so far nobody has crossed that finished line successfully. “Living well is the best revenge.”

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