Twenty three

I admit my words
should be written in grey
for I have not much to say
every time I intend to rhyme
sounds like I am trying 
didn't know in my good old days
I would still be lost at twenty-three
didn't know in my golden days
I was better off back then
didn't need to make sense of life
didn't know I would miss
those swings from the old man's park
didn't know I would come back
to find the cotton candy seller
didn't know the smell of the rain
would hang around for years
didn't know the dandelion
would come flying in the air
and back when I was looking forward
I wish I knew someday
I will be looking back to realize
I never needed to wish for better days.

3 thoughts on “Twenty three

  1. This feeling of this is really well done. Felt a bit of nostalgia for the past. And you’re probably right. We always think most of the moments aren’t that good but then they end up being the ones we miss. But in the end I guess it will happen again now. It’s just a cycle. Lovely work!

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