I wish to see
the crescent moon
in her hazel eyes
as she smiles
cheek to cheek.
I wish to hear
her ferocious scream
as she challenges
anybody who ruins 
her sand castle.
I wish to feel
her hair on my face
as she runs across
the sand on the beach.

Her melodies
have enchanted me
since seventeen,
her perfume
has lingered in
the smoke,
the years gone by
have not shattered
her even in a bit,
her eyes still yearn
for a glimpse of him.

I am just a passenger
waiting for my stop
but I fear she will
not bid me farewell
I fear she will
not remember me.

6 thoughts on “Passenger

    1. Thank you for reading my work! 🙂
      You are right. It is written from the perspective of a man who has loved and longed for a woman who has never seen him as a lover. She still loves another man and the poet is unable to give up on her even after years.

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