Scars for a lifetime

Photo by Mariana Montrazi on
85 years old brave man
giving up his hospital bed
for a stranger gasping for oxygen,
people fighting for space
to bury their loved ones,
earth weeping for the ashes
of her sons and daughters,
am I too small to pray
for 1.3 billion people?

"We are in this together"
never sounded so ironical,
not a single soul able
to attend the funeral of
a neighbor for twenty years,
the strict teacher losing
his mother and wife,
strangers donating plasma
saving someone's last hope,
sad news floating in the air
"Who is it this time?",
even the strongest wave subsides
but this wave took away
my old language teacher
who kept my notebook
after I passed the school.

On my way
to the vaccination center
it's hard to look
outside the window
people lamenting being unable
to bid proper farewell
to the ones they believed
they would grow old with,
when I can't sleep at nights
I hear the silence
in the background
of ambulance sirens.

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