They will forget

You were hurting you were bleeding on the floor everytime you doubted your self-worth, I saw you there bathing in cold sweat scared if you will ever make it. I saw you there questioning life but I believed in you. If I would have known they will forget that excruciating picture I would have warned … Continue reading They will forget

Done trying

I often ask myself why is it so hard to love myself? All the self-love talk does not sit right with me. Have I ever loved myself? I don’t think so. In fact, a part of me always believed I am not likeable too sensitive for the world too honest for the people. But when … Continue reading Done trying

A fleeting moment

I once tried making sense of life, I once tried catching a fleeting moment. If you find it hard to hold your laughter in a tricky situation, to shed tears around moist eyes it would be great if you found something that could move you. If you walk among the hopeless crowd I hope you … Continue reading A fleeting moment


It’s funny how the warmth can vanish, I may walk out if I feel unwelcome but how many rooms need my footsteps? The bigger the house the louder the silence. Aren’t we all just wild animals taking shelter in the rain? The loneliest generation feels companionship with the distant stars, a hole in the heart … Continue reading Outsider


Instinct…instinct…instinct… have I uttered it enough to forget its meaning yet? No I could never beat my instinct to cry the same tears at your disappearance. The grace with which I handle my misery adds insult to injury. There is nothing more powerful than your presence to make me forget my instinct to fall for … Continue reading Instinct

A lilac day

It was a lilac day the day I met you after ages the day I felt eighteen again the day all the stars aligned the day nothing went wrong, it was one of those days I got interested in the present I knew it was my future nostalgia with every fading second I knew it … Continue reading A lilac day


I hate your silence tell me that I left you speechless, I can fill in the blanks but I don’t want to. The promises don’t seem so promising, don’t sigh like you have had enough, even I want to feel weightlessness. I have seen the perfect picture that we painted turn into a mosaic, you … Continue reading Speechless


After all these years you come across me so casually strolling the street that took us to places. Even the flirtiest star could never compare to your flickering eyes I can’t bring myself to curse your name, a recurring theme of all my poetry is unrequited love. I might have the same reflection in your … Continue reading Places


Leaves wither then spring comes, your tears dry then salt lingers. Do you have a heart strong enough to forget all the times you were wronged or do you still go back to the bittersweet days? To leave it all behind you found yourself running all the time, the old scars were once fresh wounds. … Continue reading Bittersweet

Scars for a lifetime

85 years old brave man giving up his hospital bed for a stranger gasping for oxygen, people fighting for space to bury their loved ones, earth weeping for the ashes of her sons and daughters, am I too small to pray for 1.3 billion people? “We are in this together” never sounded so ironical, not … Continue reading Scars for a lifetime


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