Instinct...instinct...instinct... have I uttered it enough to forget its meaning yet? No I could never beat my instinct to cry the same tears at your disappearance. The grace with which I handle my misery adds insult to injury. There is nothing more powerful than your presence to make me forget my instinct to fall for … Continue reading Instinct


If you wish to leave you should know when you return you might catch me running away from myself with tears falling down the hallway, you might catch me in my best dress singing love songs to the constellations, you might catch me chasing smoke from every passing car. If you wish to leave better … Continue reading Adieu


Photo by Alex Hussein on A flicker of lightin my darkest nightlike a fireflybasking in the glowI saw lanternsfor the first timethat was the momentI knew my eyeswere not made of stoneI never needed a charmto ward off the evilI never needed the fireto scare away the wolvesfor all the sinking shipsall my broken … Continue reading Lanterns